• How do I open a disk image in Disk Decipher?

    To open a disk image in Disk Decipher the disk image needs to be transferred to Disk Decipher first (this requirement will be removed in a future version). To transfer a disk image to Disk Decipher, open the app which has access to the disk image (like Mail, Browser, Dropbox, ...) and open the disk image. The app should show the "Open In" option menu listing Disk Decipher as target.

    If Disk Decipher is not listed in the "Open In" option menu, please double check the file extension of the disk image. For TrueCrypt containers the extension .tc is required. For FreeOTFE volumes (supported from version 1.2) the extension .vol is required. For LUKS volumes (supported from version 1.7), also use the .vol extension to transfer the disk image to Disk Decipher. For VeraCrypt containers (supported from version 2.2.0) the extension .hc is required.

    Starting with version 1.3 of Disk Decipher, you can also transfer disk images using iTunes (version 9.1 or later). This is especially useful to transfer large disk images. Instructions on how to use iTunes to transfer files are available onĀ Apple Support.

    Version 2.5.5 of Disk Decipher introduces the Import Local Disk feature. Using this feature you can import a disk image from other apps supporting document providing, i.e. apps whose documents are available in the Files app. This will copy the disk image from the providing app into the Disk Decipher app.
    This feature is available when adding a new disk image

    Version 1.5 of Disk Decipher adds remote storage to Disk Decipher.