iOS Files Integration

This is a major update that touches almost all parts of the app. This feature will empower you with transparent encryption and decryption when working with your encrypted containers. All features offered by the iOS Files app will be available to you when interacting with your encrypted containers.

To release features as soon as possible this feature will initially be limited to

  • Local disk
  • Read-only
  • FAT32 filesystem
  • Truecrypt / VeraCrypt
  • Files in the root directory of the container (sub-directory support will follow soon)
  • No support for key files

These limitations will be lifted during the 3.x versions of the app to provide all functionality available in the app to the iOS Files app.Do let me know which specific features are most important to you!

This feature increases security because it will keep your unencrypted data inside the Disk Decipher app while you are e.g. editing your file with the Microsoft Word app. When you save your file, the data is automatically encrypted and stored in your container.