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Write support

Version 2.0 introduces write support in Disk Decipher.

Write support is limited in version 2.0. Efforts have been focused on the backend implementation, and the required crypto paperwork.

During the 2.x series, write support will be extended with additional features to make it truly useful.

Storage provider

Write support is currently supported for local and linked disks. Write support will be extended to the WEBDAV remote storage provider.

Disk format

Write support is supported for all disk formats supported by Disk Decipher (TrueCrypt, FreeOTFE and LUKS). All cipher combinations are supported.

File system

Write support is currently supported for FAT filesystems (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT).

User interface

Although most of the backend implementation is complete, work has just started on the user interface, your interaction with Disk Decipher.

As proof of concept of the backend implementation, version 2.0 offers the ability to delete files from your encrypted container: if the conditions listed above are satisfied, you should be able to delete a file using the normal gesture to delete an item (swiping from left to right will show a Delete button).


Version 2.1 introduces a built-in plain-text file editor. Using this feature you can edit existing plain-text files inside your encrypted container, without transferring any sensitive data to another app. All changes are saved securely to the encrypted container.

After opening a plain-text file, you can launch the editor from the action menu:

Action menu

Version 2.1.2 adds a basic photo camera. Photos taken with this camera are encrypted straight from the camera buffer to the currently opened encrypted container. Nothing is stored unencrypted to e.g. the devices camera roll, photo stream or iCloud. To launch the camera, tap the camera button in the directory where you want to store the new photo image:

Camera button

Version 2.3.2 allows importing any document from other apps supporting iOS document providing. The camera button has been replaced by a general Add button allowing the addition of both new photos and documents.

Add button

Add menu

Version 2.5.1 introduces the "More options" menu (indicated by the ⋮ icon at the end of the line) which incorporates both the existing Delete functionality and also the new ability to rename files and directories:

More options

The 2.x versions will gradually provide additional write features, like importing files into your encrypted disks.